How to set Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

Example: Color

1. Go to Products > Attributes > fill in name (will shown on the product, example: color) > select type (product variable type, example: color) > click “add attribute”

2. Go to Configure terms (attribute that you added) > add new name (example: red, white and etc) > click “add new”

3. Go to Products > select a product you want to add variable > edit > Product data change to variable product

4. Go to Attributes that under Product data > custom product attribute select attributes that you added before (example: color) > click “add” > tick Used for variations > value(s): select attributes (example: red, etc) > click “save attributes”

5. Go to Variations that under Attributes > select add variation > click “Go” > select color (example: red) > click arrow sign at the right side to edit information > click “Save changes”

6. Save/Publish before you close

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